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4 Types Of Content That Attract Most Backlinks

Research has shown that the way you present content has great effect on how much it attracts links. This includes how you structure your articles, what topics you cover, and how you promote your content.

Attracting links is one of the important goals of any content. Backlinks will help you attract lots of visitors. This will grow the popularity of your post; thus, the ranking of your website goes up in search engines.

Here are a few ways about how to present content that attracts more links.

1. List Posts 

Why do list posts never go out of fashion? Why do they get most clicks? What is the magic behind all that attraction? Here are some reasons why.

  • A Reader knows how much time and energy they spends on a post. List Posts always have specific numbers which help determine how long an article will be and how much attention it requires.
  • It is easier to get the gist of a post. Most people don’t read details. They look for subheadings and bullet points. A list gives readers what they want without making them read the entire article.
  • It activates reader’s schema. By seeing the title, a reader already imagines what the content might be. In fact, list posts invoke a sense of curiosity in readers’ minds by letting them guess if their ideas match with what the writer has in mind. In most cases a list post has some ideas that are new to readers.

Make sure the list post you write is bigger and broader than the existing ones on the same topic. If an existing articles discuss “10 best low calorie snacks”, you go for “30 best low calorie snacks”.

Also make sure to use more details, lots of visuals, graphs or infographics, and have printable or PDF versions as well.

2. Guides

If they are great in quality, guides have proved that they can attract lots of links for being wonderful resources. They can feature in a discussion around a particular topic which takes place in a forum or a thread. Guides can also be mentioned in articles and posts. People reference your guide more than others’ if it is an “ultimate guide”.

With guides you want people to feel that it is all they need. Going beyond expectations with your guide is not an easy task, because it needs a lot of time and energy.

Here are some tips to help you write that “ultimate guide”.

  • It needs to contain everything. This doesn’t mean that you choose a broad topic and then write hundreds of thousands of words about it. What it means is that “narrowing down” your topic to more specific keywords can do the job. Let’s say instead of writing “The Ultimate Guide of Backlink Building”, you opt for something like “The Guide for Backlink Building via Social Media”.

However, you can limit your scope. Even if you write about something broad, you can make it for “beginners” where not everything is included.

  • Choose to write carefully. Guides are not easy to write. If you are planning to present the best quality content, you will need the help of a top-notch writer in your industry. If you are planning to write it by yourself, it will probably be a good idea to get the help of a colleague-writer in the related field. A lot of the bloggers co-write or collaborate with their colleagues when it comes to writing an “ultimate guide”.
  • Create an outline. This will help the writer know what is going to be covered, similar to the table of content. Each chapter of the guide has to be treated as a separate post or article. Remember, the chapters of a guide might be part of a bigger topic, but the quality and the presentation should be unique.
  • Work on the design. Design will have a great effect on the quality of the guide. The images, fonts, colors, backgrounds will all play an important role in popularity of the guide. An “ultimate guide” will need a professional designer to lay it out. A good place to look for designers is Dribble.

3. Infographics

You might think that infographics are things from the past, but they are not. They are still able to attract links and go viral. I hope the proverb “old is good” is not ringing in your head after what I have just said.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you create that great infographic.

  • Make sure your infographic breaks down a topic step-by-step. Readers are attracted to how things are done when it comes to specific tips that explain a process or give information about a procedure. Infographics play the role of an article without long sentences and paragraphs. Infographics that are based on data also enjoy popularity.
  • Find a top-notch designer. Infographics are all about design. Design plays an important role in popularity of infographics, not matter what the topics are. An average infographic design will cost you around $1000, and it is worth it. Visualization is the most popular agency when it comes to infographics.

4. Connect with Influencers Using Results of Their Advice

Influencers’ websites carry a lot of authority. A share by an influencer on social media might attract 10-20 more visitors to your posts and website than regular followers. And it will help you get exposed to hundreds of people in your niche.

Here is how you can get the collaboration of influencers:

  1. Put their advice into practice
  2. Contact them with an e-mail showing the result of their advice in your experience and thank them for their contribution.
  3. They will be interested in knowing more details
  4. Ask them to share your work

This is one of the best ways to get high quality backlinks. As a follow up, you can even write a blog post about your influencer’s site explaining how you came to achieve your results. You can do this by suggesting writing a case study and putting their advice into practice.

To summarize, how you write content has a lot of effect on the number of links it attracts. The strategies above are recommended so that you can try any one of them a couple of times and evaluate your output. You might be surprised to see what works better for you in your niche.

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