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Is SEO Different From Content Marketing

How Does SEO and Content Marketing Go Together?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing are two distinguished terms that often go together when we talk about online search. Some people argue that SEO and content marketing are two separate things while some others believe that they are the same. Guess what! Both of them are right. If you put SEO and content marketing into two separate topics and focus on the technical details of each one, you will prove that they are separate; however, if you try to explain how they work, you should establish a link between SEO and Content Marketing are refute their disconnection.

SEO vs. Content Marketing

Let me don’t disappoint you if you vouch for SEO and content marketing being two separate things. Yes, they are separate if you think of SEO as a process to improve your search engine and content as blocks of letters with a specific message. Oh, did I just say content? Weren’t we talking about Content Marketing? It seems like I have to take my words back. SEO and content have no use if you don’t know how to put them together and attract a crowd for your website. Did you feel the marketing side?!

SEO and Content are very close team mates

SEO and Content work like battery in flashlight. Let’s take a flashlight as an example. A flashlight is made of a cone, which is a battery case, a lamp head and a few buttons. All these pieces fit together through a technical structure. This is your SEO. Now, you want to use this flashlight to shed some light on your surroundings. What do you do? You insert a few batteries. This is your Content. Once you turn on the on the button the light starts lightening your surrounding and you start getting attention. This is your marketing part. Now, do you think we can have light around us if we don’t have a flashlight, a set of batteries and functioning system on the flashlight? If your answer is no, please don’t insist on separating SEO and content marketing.

SEO and Content Marketing Compliment Each other

Like I mentioned earlier, you need both SEO and content to create a strong content marketing strategy for your business. SEO is a technical concept that relies on specific details while content marketing is a broader concept with more general terms. Now you may feel these two are so different with each other, how do they work? Here is the answer. In order to make the technical side of SEO work, you should use content. Content is like fuel to SEO. You should use content with SEO to make it broader. For instance, you need relevant and specific keywords in your content to make SEO work and deliver meaningful results. Now we understand that keywords are the driving force for SEO. When we use keywords to broaden the role of SEO, we, at the same time, narrow the scope of a content and get the best results from our search.

In online world, SEO and content function like demand and supply terms in economy. When SEO makes demand, content gets in the process to supply. When the chemistry between SEO and content takes place, the marketing side of this relationship emerges.

How Does SEO Look when it Stand for Itself?

SEO is a technical process that enables a website to appear in a search result. The output we receive from an optimized search engine is called organic search result or natural search result. The main concept behind SEO is to use proper and relevant keywords in order to get higher ranks in a search process and attract more visitors to your website.

SEO tries to attract its visitor through image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and others. In SEO, it is crucial to understand how a search engine works, what people want from a search engine, what keywords they use and why they think some search engines are better than others.

SEO is Technical

SEO is the engine for content marketing. To know how to run this engine, you should know who how to edit content and work with HTML and other relevant codes. Once you master these techniques, you can create the best content marketing strategy for your business. With a good SEO in place, you will increase your chance to back links by your visitors, but for this you have to have good quality and value content.

Because SEO is technical, it requires special knowledge about keywords. Keywords are not different from ordinary word. A word becomes a keyword when we decide it can stand out from a group of words and can help us attract visitors to our website.

Keywords alone don’t do well. They make sense when they appear in a content and were introduced to search engine. Keyword is that bridge that connects a reader to a content.

People Expect SEO to work, but they don’t know why

Every time you type a few words on your Google search engine, you are expecting to receive best results on the top of your search list. The first few links that you that grab your attention in the first second are the ones that appear on the top. Why do those few titles appear on the top? It is because proper techniques were used to optimize the search engine results.

People benefit from the results of SEO every time they do an online search, but they don’t know how it works. They will get mad if they don’t find what they are looking for, but they hardly appreciate when they get what they want.

SEO is like a car. People want their cars work properly but they don’t care how this piece of machinery is put together.

Like a car, an SEO also requires some technical expertise. The expertise include the use of enhanced metadata, tags and sitemaps coherently. All these details and many more should be put together by a technical person in order to make SEO work and content marketing attractive.

With a good SEO you can consistently deliver quality content to your visitors and this translates to successful content marketing. When people use SEO to do search, they are looking for content; when they find their content, they start reading it; thus, the better content you provide the more visitors you can attract to your website. So when such demand exists, why not optimize your search engine to your advantage and start making money.

How Does Content Marketing Look When it stands for itself

A content will be marketed when it is seen and read by people. People will read a content if they do a search and find your content. Thus, a good SEO support will do the job.

Content is food for SEO. It supplies SEO with keywords, articles, titles and metadata. Content as a whole does not market itself unless relevant keywords are introduced in it and those keywords are for a search optimization process. Keywords in contents are the words that talk with search engine, but contents itself is what people are expecting from their search result.

With great content comes great attention and lots of visitors. Once your visitors like your content, they will start sharing on social platforms and will even request links from your website.

Please don’t forget that your content on the internet has a life span. You can lose your marketing leverage if your content in your website is not fresh. To have a successful content marketing strategy, you must regularly provide fresh content to your website and let search engines index your content for potential visitors.

In conclusion, don’t forget that a successful content marketing strategy relies on a strong SEO, and strong SEO process works best when great content is attached to it.

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