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What is Good Content?

Good content is an organized form of information presented in form of text, video, audio, picture and info-graphic. Good content always comes with good quality. It means whenever you present information in any form of your choice, you should maintain an organized, clear and engaging structure in order to deliver you message clearly to your reader.

Good content comes with hard work. Hard work is acquired through self-discipline, and self-discipline is nourished from your commitment to teaching yourself about good writing.

Producing good content requires focus and organization. You should consider many qualities while you are working on an article for your audience. The following points elaborate the qualities that you need for Good Content.

Choose an Interesting Topic

It is important to choose an interesting topic when you write a post for your blog. Interesting topics bring visitors to your blog. They link your visitors interest to your content and they stimulate your visitors desire to explore more about your blog and turn to regular visitors.

Choosing an interesting topic is not difficult. You can write about anything you want. What really matters in the process is how easy, clearly and systematically you phrase your ideas. Once your topic is simple to understand and your reader easily gets the message of your topic, your mission is complete. You can claim that you wrote an interesting topic.

Your topic is interesting if it simple, if it is structured nicely, if the flow of your idea is smooth and if a complicated subject is delivered in simple words. Don’t focus on entertaining part of the topic. Don’t think if your topic does not make people laugh or does not entertain people, it is not a good topic. If you have the talent to add humor to your content and through some funny words now and then, to make your content interesting, that will be a plus.

Begin Strong

It is very important to start your topic with a strong topic sentence. Your topic sentence sets the tone of your topic and will help your reader decide whether to continue or stop reading your article after a few words.

Beginning strong is not that difficult. You put the main idea of your topic in a few words in your opening sentence, then you phrase the rest of your topic systematically to create a flow for your content.

Keep a Logical Structure

Your topic will not have charm if your idea is not well developed and what you are trying to say does not flow smoothly. Keeping a logical structure in your content helps your reader follow your ideas easily and draw a logical conclusion from your content at the end of your post.

Plan before you start writing your post. Creating an outline will help you a lot to create a great flow for your idea. Once you decide a sequence for your idea, you can put them in simple structured sentences. When your readers read your post and feel that they can easily follow your idea, they will continue reading until the end and will appreciate your work.

Add Charm

One of the difficult things in today’s blogging world is writing great content. It is not interesting anymore to write something in plain words and post it online. When you write content, it should have some charm. It means the choice of words, the structure of sentences, the phrasing of words and eventually the tone of your content should be appealing to your audience.

You can add charm to your content by throwing a joke in the right place, adding some interesting facts to your discussion, introducing a simplified approach to a difficult problem, and the list can go on.

Remember, adding charm to your content distinguishes you from other bloggers. Adding charm means creating an invisible magnetic field for your audience, which you can do through adding something interesting and impressive, to catch your readers’ attention. Charm uses your readers’ emotions to connect her/him to your topic. So, do not forget this magical tip.

Feed Your Readers Mind

What happens if you write a topic or design an info-graphic but nobody likes it? You should think about this question when you start working on your content. Your content should say something. It should feed your readers mind with some information, fun facts, educational tips and other useful points.

A visitor will not read your content because you wrote it. Everybody writes today, but a few people write great content. Nobody will read anything you write unless you write something that your reader wants. So, pay attention to this point. Think about the impression you would like to leaver on your reader, and think what you can do to make her come again!

Finish Nicely

It is important to leave your reader with a good impression or food for thought at the end of your article. As I mentioned in my earlier discussion, content should have a structure and a good flow. When you manage to impress your reader with the body of your content, you should be able to deliver a conclusion or send a message at the end so that your reader understands the purpose of your article and why you made her read it.

Finishing nicely is the last impression that you leave on your reader. If you managed to leave your first impression at the beginning and finished with the last impression at the end, it means you framed your readers mind for another visit to your blog.

Finishing nicely also enchants your reader. You need this enchantment to turn your one-time or occasional reader to a regular visitor. You need your regular visitors to shape your brand and eventually turn to your loyal followers.

Make Them Come, Again!

There is no doubt that your blog is not a one-stop place. You definitely want your audience to visit your blog regularly because you would like to spread more knowledge to them, so what is the trick? It is the first and the last impression.

This is the key to retaining committed audience. Your first impression touches your reader’s heart and frames her interest to stay with you. Your last impression is the point that completes the circle and makes your reader leave your blog with good feeling and hope to come back in the future for another article hunt.

So, keep this in mind.

Think about this. What can you do to maintain your present readers and inspire them market your content for others. Touch their hearts. Give them what they expect from you. Answer their questions. Communicate with them and give them the feeling that you care about them.

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