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What Tips Should You Know Before Start Blogging?

You might have heard about blogging for fun or blogging for money, but you don’t know where to start, right? It’s not a big problem. This first important thing you need for blogging is the passion. What knowledge, skill, experience or story do you have that you would like to share with the rest of the world? I have a friend who is very talented at learning foreign languages. I recommended him to start a blog and connect with those who have the same talent like him. The same works for you. Your untold story can be your spring board to blogging.

Start a blog and share you story with others. But before you do that, keep a few tips in mind to make your blogging experience interesting and fun.

Let us start with the first one.

Know your audience

audienceWhen you write a post, you should keep specific audience in mind. You are audience is fuel for your progress. They encourage you, they give you feedback, they share their experience and they criticize you, so be prepared to embrace them all because there is energy in all of them.

The type of audience you attract depends on the type of articles your write. Your articles and their content set the tone of your blog. Once you attract some readers, it is your responsibility to keep them close to you by writing to them regularly.

Write interesting posts

WriteWriting anything and posting on your blog is not doing any good to you. It will even push your audience away if you fail to deliver quality content.

When a group of people decide to click on your blog link, they are definitely looking for something they need, and it is your job to keep them satisfied. I am not talking about reading people’s minds, I am talking about taking your visitors serious and giving them what they expect from you.

Do you want to share about your passion? Or is it something about your professional goal? Be serious when you write. Keep your posts detailed, interesting and specific. Write from your head. Do not copy other’s words. Even if you write a similar experience, do it your own way. Show it to your reader that you invested time and energy to give them something important. Something from your own self.

Make people read your posts

read-postsHow to do you do that? You win people’s hearts! Your posts should be engaging and interesting. Ask this question when you write a post. Why would a person read my post? You can create a long list to answer this question, but you cannot manage it. What you can do is to write something useful, something interesting and something catchy. Some people would like to learn something new, write a brief and easy-to-learn educational post; some people would like to be entertained, share a funny experience about yourself or your life; some people would like to know if you are like them, write them something about yourself from your heart.

Whatever you write, it should have value and it should connect you with your audience. Let me warn you. It is not that easy; however, it is not impossible either.

Today people are looking for simple and honest content, and you have it. Just be yourself. Share what you know. Find your own way to help people. It can educational or entertainment. And don’t forget about the power of words. They may seem a collection of letters, but they do have feelings and they do steer emotions. Choose them carefully and win your audience.

Make People Read your Blog

read-blogBefore you attract people to read your posts, you should energize them to click on your blog. You cannot do this unless you give them something special. Your audience do not expect you to show them miracle. Well, if you do that, it will be better. They want you to give them something appealing, something that touches their heart and something that makes them feel good. So, where do you start? Set the right foundation and create the first impression.

The first tip for the first impression is to create a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use blog. This means your blog should have a beautiful layout and its content should be formatted neatly. Your blog loading time should be low and its loading speed should be high. This means your layout design and your coding should be implemented professionally.

The second tip for the first impression is to give your visitor great content. Your content can be a few blocks of text, an info-graphic, a video, a picture or an animation. Whatever you share, it should be valuable to your visitors. Your content should tell a story, share an experience, solve a problem, teach a technique or give a piece of advice. Plan carefully when you want to share something. Remember about thousands of other blogs on the internet, who are trying to win your audience, and keep in mind the things that can help you be different from others.

Love to Blog

love-to-blogPlease do not blog of you see the kid next door dong it. Blog if you feel you love doing it. When you put your heart into blogging, you start creating quality content. When you have quality content, you attract visitors. Once you identify your visitors, you can connect with them through your blog and discover their needs. That is the time to act and show your talent.

How will you meet your visitors’ needs? That is the question that you will have to figure out once you get attention from them. Maybe your visitors are looking for a product and you have it, then you sell them, or refer them to a seller. This means income. What if you sell services and one of your visitors need your help, you are there to extend them a professional hand. Do you smell money again?

See! To blog passionately means to create unique value for others, whose sole creator is only you. Be that value generator and give people around you great experience.

Do you think you have what it takes to blog? Start right now. If you need technical or professional assistance, don’t forget to Contact Us.

But for now, we believe that you CAN. Once you take your first step, you will be one step ahead of impossible making possible.

Take your step and let us know how you do.
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